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Madhya Pradesh Council of Science & Technology

Volkswagen's cheapest electric car
German automobile company Volkswagen on Wednesday launched a new budget electric car ID. 2all has been introduced. This is one of the 10 cars that the company is going to bring by 2026. Here we provide you Volkswagen ID. From the specifications of 2all to the price etc., we are telling in detail.

worth of the car

Talking about the price, according to Volkswagen, the Volkswagen ID. 2all will cost up to 25,000 Euros (roughly Rs. 21,95,284). Talking about availability, this electric car will enter the European market in 2025.
Thomas Schaefer, CEO of Volkswagen Passenger Cars, said, We are rapidly transforming Volkswagen with the aim of making Volkswagen a real love brand. The ID. 2all shows where we want to take the brand. We are closer to the customer. We want to be here and provide top technology in combination with great design. We are rapidly driving the transformation to bring electric mobility to the masses.

Volkswagen ID. 2all power and specifications

Talking about the power and specifications, the Volkswagen ID. The motor given in 2all generates power of 166 kW/226 PS. Talking about the range, this car can cover a distance of 450 km once charged. It takes 20 minutes to charge the battery of this car from 10 to 80 percent. This electric car can run at a top speed of 160 km. At the same time, it takes only 7 seconds for this car to catch the speed of 0-100 km. Talking about the dimensions, the length of this electric car is 4,050mm, width 1,812mm, height 1,530mm, wheelbase 2600mm and storage volume 490 to 1,330 liters.
Talking about the interior, the ID. 2all has a clear design. Its specialty is a high-quality appearance. It gets an infotainment system with classic volume controls and a separate air conditioning block. One of the highlights of the exterior is the C-pillar design, which was first introduced on the Golf. id. The 2all is the first Volkswagen car to sport this look. The concept car has a powerful stance on the wheels, friendly face and great dynamics.

TCS wins record 2.25 billion Nielsen contract, Accenture gets Vatican deal
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. (TCS) has set a record by winning a 2.25 billion dollar outsourcing contract from television measurement company Nielsen. The contract is the largest ever bagged by an Indian information technology firm.
The TCS deal marks the renewal of the company's relationship with Nielsen. The television measurement company awarded TCS a 1.2 billion, 10 year contract back in 2015 which was later doubled to 2.5 billion and extended till 2020.
Nielsen's outsourcing contract has now been extended till 2025. The 2.25 billion dollar deal assures TSC of 320 million dollars in business from Nielsen yearly from 2017 to 2020, 186 million dollars yearly from 2021 to 2024 and 139.5 million dollars in 2025.
The renewal of the deal is considered to boost the profile of Rajesh Gopinathan who became chief executive officer of TCS in February, 2017 after N.Chandrasekaran was appointed chairman of Tata Sons Ltd - the holding company of the group.
Nielsen's statement reads as follows - "The term of the Agreement has been extended for an additional five years, so as to expire on December 31, 2025, with three one-year renewal options granted to Nielsen. TCS will globally provide Nielsen with professional services relating to information technology (including application development and maintenance), business process outsourcing, client service knowledge process outsourcing, management sciences, analytics, and financial planning".
Accenture's Vatican outing
The Vatican has just hired consulting firm Accenture to simplify and unify its digital communications. The Vatican's communication department has asked global consulting firm Accenture to set up a channel called 'Vatican News' in a bid to simplify and unify its digital communications.
The Vatican hopes the channel will help them communicate with the faithful in a more effective manner. They hope Accenture will help establish a clear digital communications strategy for the Church - all under one unified portal.
A beta version of the 'Vatican News' website has already gone live. The website not only contains news about the Church, Pope and Vatican in six different languages but also lets users scroll through Pope Francis's Instagram feed.

Journal Addresses Uproar Over Facebook Emotion Study
A scientific journal that recently published a controversial study about how emotions can spread across social networks issued a note today (July 3) to address the uproar caused by the contentious research.
The study, published June 17 in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences(PNAS), was conducted by Facebook researchers to investigate a phenomenon dubbed "emotional contagion." For the study, the researchers altered the types of posts that could be seen in the news feeds of more than 680,000 Facebook users — making fewer positive posts visible for some individuals, and limiting the number of negative posts that could be seen by others.
The researchers found that emotional states can spread across social networks, but when the findings were published, the research sparked furor among individuals who felt the study violated personal privacy.

Priyanka Pare

Wow! Mumbai gets swanky Terminal 2 at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh inaugurates Terminal 2 at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport; world-class facility built at a cost of Rs 5,500 crore will start operation only in February. The state-of-the-art Terminal 2 or T2 at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA) was officially inaugurated by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Friday. Built at cost of over Rs5,500 crore, the terminal will be thrown open to public within four weeks. Earlier, the operation was to start from this month itself. “Mumbai deserves a world-class facility like the T2,” Singh said, adding that “opening of T2 will inspire other infrastructure projects to achieve similar feat.” Maharashtra governor K Shankarnarayan, chief minister Prithviraj Chavan, civil aviation minister Ajit Singh and Union agricultural minister Sharad Pawar were also present at the event along with other central ministers and bureaucrats. According to aviation experts, development of the airport seems significant for the city as unlike other important airports, CSIA is located in a confined area with no space to expand. Only 1,400 acres are available. “On the contrary, Hyderabad and Bengaluru airports have over 5,500 acres of land available and the development had to be carried out without disrupting the on-going flight operations,” Chavan said. Airport insiders claim that CSIA’s area per passenger is one of the smallest in the world, yet it manages about 19 per cent of the country’s air passenger traffic and about 29 per cent of the nation’s cargo traffic. In 2012-13, the airport handled 30.21 million passengers and 0.6 million tonnes of cargo. According to forecast by aviation experts, the passenger traffic in Mumbai is expected to reach 80 million per annum by 2026. Likewise, the air cargo is expected to reach 2 million tonnes. With the opening of T2, the passenger capacity of CSIA will shoot up more than 40 million passengers annually. Under the privatisation policy of the central government, CSIA was given to private parties for modernisation in 2006. GVK-led consortium bagged the contract for Mumbai airport. The spanking four-storey glass marvel, whose design has been inspired by a dancing peacock, has some of the most advanced state-of-the-art passenger convenience system. It has 208 check-in-counters, 43 security pedestals, 161 elevators, one day hotel and one transit hotel, automated baggage system capable of handling 9,600 bags per hour, and a dedicated 6-lane elevated expressway. The terminal also has country’s largest multi-level car parking area as well as world’s longest cable stayed glass wall (15 metres).

Providing more options to book train tickets, Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation along with Microsoft has developed IRCTC app for Windows 8. After downloading the app, users have to log in with a user ID and a TPIN, which can be generated by clicking a link. Users can find out trains between stations, check reservation status, train timings, etc. The app also shows maps of train routes. Currently, the e-ticketing website logs more than 4 lakh tickets a day on an average.

Well-known action-packed indie sandbox action-adventure role-playing game Terraria, which is on Xbox Live Playstation and on iOS, has now come to Android. You can make weapons and confront a variety of enemies; either high up in the sky or deep underground. You can gather a number of resources like stone, ore or wood to make a world of your own and defend your buildings against zombies. The game adapted for both tablets and phones has over a dozen environments and over 200 crafting recipes to choose from.

When there is a good note-taking app, you don’t need to look for a pen or notepad. Adding to the list of Evernote and Google’s Keep, is Simplenote from Automattic, the makers of Wordpress. On a very simple and clean interface the notes stay updated across all your devices. There is a share feature that enables you to work in group. The notes are backed up when you change them. All you need is to drag the version slider to go back in time. All your notes can be searched and they can be organized with tags and pins.

Though there are a number of apps to organize our daily routine, email continues to occupy the central place. Tipbit on iOS, claims to be an upgrade of your inbox, and brings your calendar and social media into the email in an easy-to-use manner. You can see a contact’s LinkedIn and Facebook updates as well as their latest tweets, and share them with a single tap. Another feature allows you to search anything in the email with just a tap, without having to paste it into a search engine.

Yahoo is aiming for a bigger role on iPhones and iPads with the release of its first mobile application tailored for watching video on touch-control screens. The app is called Yahoo Screen. It has been set up to make the experience of sifting through video on smartphones and tablet computers more like channel surfing on a television. Yahoo is rolling out eight comedy series made exclusively for its website, along with clips from more than 700 episodes of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” broadcast during the past 38 years. The app initially will be available only for iPhone and iPad, but Yahoo eventually intends to develop a version compatible with devices powered by Google’s Android software.

Opera has a new browser for iPad: Coast. There are no back and forward buttons, instead it works on swipe gestures. It you stumble on an unsafe site, it warns you with a big cross. The home screen has three main elements: a search and address field, Speed Dial grid, with more entries accessible by swiping to the left or right and recently opened sites, that are not currently in a Speed Dial entry. At the bottom of a displayed page, there are two icons: the middle one button takes you to the home screen, the bar button on the right shows recent sites visited. If you long-click a picture, you can save it or set it as the background for Speed Dial.

Nokia has unveiled its first mobile phone in India built primarily to target about 15 crore Urdu-speaking population in the country. The dual SIM Nokia 114, priced at Rs 2,579, will support nine languages including Urdu, English and Hindi, and has a talk time of up to 10.5 hours on 2G network. It has features for internet browsing and has a 0.3-megapixel camera, FM radio and video streaming among other features. “Over time we have developed supporting language capability in our device but one thing that we were missing was Urdu,” Nokia India Managing Director P Balaji said.

A new versatile, multi-featured, extendable Bluetooth low-energy device for iOS and latest Android OS-based smart phones has been launched. Called Gecko, it can initiate control music or trigger your smart phone camera and generate intruder alarms for any of your precious personal belongings. You can stick Gecko to a pill box and get alerted if it is not been used at the scheduled time. You can also stick the device on your baggage while travelling; it will alert you if your bags are moved. It can also act as a smart leash for your pets. The Gecko can be plugged into your DSLR camera and you can use your smart phone to capture images remotely.

Lenovo India launched TinkPad Edge E431, a laptop with the OneLink technology that offers a unique dock-and-power connector that can transmit audio and video with a single connection. It is powered by the latest 3rd Generation Intel Core processor, Windows 8 operating system and optional NVIDIA GeForce Discrete Graphics. Built for small businesses, it can be equipped with 16 GB memory (maximum) and comes with built-in dual array microphone that enhances VOIP with advanced noise cancellation. The machine is amplified with a large, intelligent 5-button TouchPad optimized for Windows 8. At 25mm thickness, ThinkPad Edge E431 is one of the thinner business notebooks available in the market.

Sony Begins ‘Upfront’ Sales of Ads for PlayStation 3
TOKYO : Sony has already taken part in the upfront market for the sale of commercial time ahead of the 2013-14 season, for properties like the GSN cable channel and the Crackle digital video website. Now, the company is expanding the upfront selling process to the PlayStation 3 video game system. The Sony Pictures Entertainment is selling ad units in advance, like those that fill the welcome screen of the PlayStation Store, which game players see when they switch on the console.
Instead of going by the fall-to-spring calendar of the television business, these sales are being made on a calendar that runs from July 1 through June 30.
The welcome-screen pitches, which are being called Mosaic Zero ad units, have already been sold to the Walt Disney, to advertise the coming movie “The Lone Ranger,” and the Turner Broad-casting System division of Time Warner, to promote the TNT television series “Falling Skies.” In addition to entertainment marketers, who seem natural advertisers for a video game system, other buyers of Mosaic Zero ad units include packaged-goods makers like ConAgra Foods, for Slim Jim jerky and meat sticks; the Dr Pepper Snapple Group, for Dr Pepper soft drinks; Mentholatum Brands, for Rohto eye drops; and Reckitt Benckiser, for Clearasil.

Google Launches 'Product Listing Ads' in India
MUMBAI Search engine Google on Monday launched a new ad format 'Product Listing Ads' in India to provide users information like images, price and brands of products, which will help people shop better both online and offline.
Everyday, millions of shoppers use Google search to research and discover products to purchase online and offline, and this new format connects users to rich product-information like looks, price and brands, Google India said in a statement.
Product Listing Ads will appear on shopping-related queries on This feature will initially be placed on the right-hand side of the search results page above text ads, and it will be labeled as 'sponsored', it added.

Conference on Cyber Security
Confederation of Indian Industry Southern Region is organising a follow up conference with the title ACT- “Achieve CyberSecurity Together”. The one day conference will be held on 13th July 2013 at Hotel Hilton, Chennai, TamilNadu. This is a sequel to the conference held by CII in 2010 when the scenario was different from the threats of today.
The objective of the “Achieve Cybersecurity Together (ACT)” – with a theme “Face Cyber Threats & Challenges” is to discuss greatest emerging cyber treats across the nation. The challenges, technological gaps and necessary research directions related to cybersecurity, as well as the best suited instruments to implement the tasks.

Cyber-security has been defined by the International Communications Union (ITU) to mean the collection of tools, policies, security concepts, security safeguards, guidelines, risk management approaches, actions, training, best practices, assurance and technologies that can be used to protect the cyber environment and organization and user‘s assets. It can be considered to involve several major threats including: espionage, cyber-crime, cyber-war, cyber-terrorism, and dis-information campaigns. For example a Cyber-Security breach could involve remotely corrupting the information/knowledge space of people and/or organizations or disrupting the flow of data/information between people and/or organizations. Important elements of a cyber-security culture include: awareness, responsibility, response, ethics, democracy, risk assessment, security design and implementation, security management, and reassessment.

The current scenario is that Cyber security is a necessary consideration for individuals and families, as well as businesses, governments, and educational institutions. It is important to recognize the different types of risks that exist in the online world. Information security, data integrity are concerns which affect everyone today. Information must retain its integrity and not be altered from its original state. Thus, it has become a necessity for individuals and organisations to get acquainted and cope with the biggest intangible threat of the century.

I am writing to invite you & your colleagues/faculty/students to participate in this important conference as an opportunity to discover and share critical intelligence on issues shaping the future of national cyber security and contribute to the conference by submitting paper. The papers will be screened/ shortlisted by the committee and officially published by CII at the conference in form of CD. All conference delegates receive a free copy as part of their registration fee.

Your article should imbibe any one from the below listed topics:

· Cyber Security issues in Social Media
· Establishing Reliable Security in Cloud Networks
· Need for effective National Cyber Security infrastructure.
· Cyber and Network security for Banking
· Cyber and Network security for MSMEs
· New trends in Cyber Forensics
· Future trends in Data Management
· Containing the Deadliest attacks

We would like you to maintain the limit of 500 - 600 words of your paper. The paper to be submitted should be original and unpublished. Kindly send the brief profile of the author with photograph. The paper should be MS word format and authors should give references wherever required as per standard format.

Top 10 Hacking Countries
Ten countries including China accounted for three-quarters of the world's cyber of 2012, according to Akamai Technologies, which helps companies speed the delivery of online content.
1. China
China accounted for 41% of the world's attack traffic the country the top source of cyber assauits. Investigations have discouverd a sophisticated hacker network in China. Some members are connected to China's milltary.

2. United States
The US accounted for 10% of the would's attack traffic. The US' share dropped from 13% in the previous quarter. The country is home to members of some of the would's most notorious hacker groups, including Anonymous and AntiSec.

3. Turkey
Trukey accounted for 4.7% of the world's attack traffic. Turkey's share increased from 4.3% in the previous quartar and fell from 5.6% in the year-ago peried.

4. Russia
Russia was home to 4.3% of the world's attack traffic. Russia's share decreased from 4.7% in the previous quarter and 6.8% in the year-ago period.

5. Taiwan
Taiwan, which is a province of China, accounted for 3.7%. While Taiwan is a top source of attack traffic, it is also a popular target. Research by security firm Sophos found that 12.7% of computers in Taiwan had been attacked by mahware during a three-month study last year.

6. Brazil

7. Romania

8. India
India accounted for 2.3% of the world's attack traffic during the fourth quarter of last year. India's share decreased from 2.5% in the previous quarter and 3% in the year-ago period.

9. Italy

10. Hungary

New Gadget Launches
BlackBerry Z10
The Z10 is BB's flagship handset which comes packed with a bunch of new features. 'Hub' lets you manage all emails, BBM messages and social media updates. 'Flow' enables features and apps to work seamlessly together: Users, for instance, can top on an attendee listed for a meeting to see their latest tweet or Linkedin profile. Then there's BBM with voice calling and wideo chat; 'Balance' that separates and secures work applicatons and data from personal content; 'Time Shift' camera that lets users smartly 'edit' photos for shots where everyone is smiling and with their eyes wide open. Besides, the Z10 comes with support for content in eight Indian scripts(Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Devanagiri, Gurmukhi, Gujarati, and Bengali) - and of course BlackBerry 'Safeguard' technology for extra security.

Spece: 4.2-inch touchscreen (1280x768px) | 1.5GHz dual-core | 2GB RAM | 16GB internal, microSD up to 32GB | 8MP rear camera (1080p video recording), 2MP front shooter (720p video) | 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 | 1800mAh battery, with up to 10 hours talk-time | BlackBerry 10 OS
Price: Rs. 43,490

ADATA DashDrive Air AE400
The DashDrive Air is as an external wireless memory card and pen drive reader which can stream data to connected devices such as a phone or a laptop. It can connect to existing wireless networks to create an internet bridge connection, serving as a hot spot for 10 other devices, And it comes with a built-in power bank to let you charge your portable device on-the-go, boasting of up to two full charges for a smartphone. What's more? All this versatility is packed in an eye-catching design with a hexagonal lattice pattern.

Spece: Supports SD card, USB flash drives, portable HDD | 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi | Supports up to three devices simultaneously streaming 1080p video, up to five for 720p video | Supports iOS, Android, Windows (XP, Vista, 7,8), OS X, Linux | 5000mAh battery
Price:  Rs. 6,500

Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse
This wireless mouse is small enough to slip into your pocket - and is designed by Microsoft to complement the Windows 8 experience on tablets and PCs. Touted as ultra portable become of its form factor, this computing accessory provides four-way touch scrolling and navigation; comes with the proprietary BlueTrack technology, which means that the mouse can be used on just about any surface; and it even goes into sleep mode along with the device it is paired with to save battery. Additionally, it is designed to work just as well for right-handed users.

Spece: Bluetooth | Supports multi-touch gestures | 1xAA alkaline battery | Also works with some Android tablets | 60.9x53.6mm
Price:  Rs. 3,015

Information Techonology
IT is the backbone of the state - CM
MM Correspondent, Bhopal
Department of IT, MP Govt. presented the e-Governance awards to the Govt. Officials for the best use of IT in the public services. Best e-Governed awards were presented to the collectors of Mandla and Seoni.
The best IT project for the masses was shared by agriculture department for "Krishi Net" and transport department for online Tax payment and the E-Seva project.
The Winners are.....
Best e-Governed District - Mandla and Seoni Collectors.
Best e-Governed District Citation - Jabalpur Collector - Mr.Sanjay Dubey.
Best Project IT for Masses - Agriculture Department Principal Secretary Mr.Pravesh Sharma.
Best Project IT for Transport Department - Commissioner Mr.Upendra Jain.
Best Application Software Development in MP - Forest Department and MP Eastern Discom.
Best Exporter in MP - Yash Techonologies Indore Mr.Dharmesh Jain.
Best in Exporter in MP citation - Impetus Infotech Ltd.

SPACE-TECH - Insat 3E Is Placed Into Orbit
Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), through another important move in Space Program, put the 2775-kg Communication Satellite Insat 3E into geosynchronous transfer orbit (GTO) on the height of 36,000 k.m. above the Equator. This satellite was carried by European Ariane 5 along with two other satellites - E-bird for Europe's Eutelsat & Smart-1 for the European space agency from the spaceport of Kourou in French Guyana. Insat 3E, put in 55 degree East Longitude, is amply a communication satellite. It would replace Insat-2DT & increase the number of Transponders up to 128. The Insat-3E, with an operational life of 15 years, is the fourth in the Insat-3 series. This operation would give a boost to communication & TV services.

MEDICAL MIRACLE - Pulsating heart on table
Undoubtedly, nobody is going to believe if he is told that, somebody on this earth, made a pulsating heart placed out of human body, that also for total 6 hours. This miracle took place in America. Two doctors in America not only isolated the heart of a woman from her breast & kept it in a pail full of ice but also, also reformed and thereafter, planted it in its genuine place & made it palpitate. The two doctors, Bartle P. Grifith & James S. Gamy, belong to University of Maryland Medical Centre and, name this astonishing operation "Autotransplant". The woman named Sendra Laniar was a patient of Micsoma, a kind of heart-tumour. After this surgery, Sendra now has a chance of occurring the tumour again as less as 5 to 10 percent. Also, Sendra needn't to go to any Surgeon every second year as she used to do.

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