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aa GAD releases transfer policy for officers and employees for year 2017-18.
Bhopal:MMNN: 19 May, 2017

State government has released a transfer policy for the transfer of officers-employees at the state and district-level for the year 2017-18. The General Administration Department has issued orders in this connection. As per the transfer policy, transfers can be made from June 1 to June 30, 2017. Finance Department has developed Integrated Financial Management System (IFMIS) in which government servants can apply for transfer online. State government has taken the decision that applications for voluntary transfers can be taken from government employees online. The login id of government employees will be their “employee code”. Concerned Drawing and Disbursement Officers have been authorized to provide password to government employees. All departments will ensure to provide login and password to all employees of the offices under their jurisdiction by May 31. The time-limit for applications for transfer is June 15, 2017. All departments have been instructed to give the link in ther departmental website. Directorate Treasury and Accounts has made necessary arrangements to give training for the process to be carried out on Software IFMIS. Transfer of officers and employees at the state-level will be done under departmental process. The transfer of Class I and II officers will be carried out on the approval of the department’s minister on the departmental head’s proposal/administrative basis by the department’s Principal Secretary/Secretary. The inter-district transfer of Class III officers-employees can be made at the departmental head level after approval of the department’s minister on the proposal of the departmental head. Transfer cases that are to be made other than transfer policy, can be made only through an order in coordination with the Chief Minister.

Shri M.Venkaiah Naidu directs DDA to notify simplified bye-laws at the earliest

MM Correspondent, Bhopal, 30 Dec 2014
Seeking to put an end to the harrowing experiences of residents of Delhi in obtaining building planapprovals, the Delhi Building Bye Laws of 1983 have been simplified, rationalized and updated under thedirections of the Ministry of Urban Development. The Delhi Urban Arts Commission (DUAC) inassociation with Delhi Development Authority (DDA) and municipal bodies have completed thesimplification exercise and submitted Draft Simplified Bye Laws to the Ministry of Urban Development.The Urban Development Minister Shri M.Venkaiah Naidu today directed DDA to notify them at theearliest.
The updated and simplified Bye Laws will serve as a comprehensive singe reference readyreckoner by integrating the Building Bye Laws notified in 1983 and several changes that have beensubsequently notified over the last 31 years. This will enable the residents of Delhi and the professionals inobtaining sanctions for building plans in an easy and time bound manner. Some new provisions have alsobeen made to address emerging challenges like green construction and water conservation andmanagementt. Some of the salient features of the simplified Bye Laws include:
1.Small residential plots of size up to 100 have been exempted from sanction procedures. Theproponents will only have to furnish the requisite information in a simplified one page format to theconcerned urban body and go ahead with the construction. The validity of this submission will be threeyears and if required, a fresh submission may be made thereafter;
2. For plots of 100 to 20,000, specific time schedules have been stipulated for accordingapprovals by various concerned agencies;
3. For plots of more than 20,000, Single Window Clearence mechanism has been proposed. Underthis, applications received will be scrutinized by a High Powered Committee consisting of representativesof all concerned agencies for according sanctions;
4. Competency norms of various professionals like Engineers, Architects, Town Planners etc., have beenclearly stipulated addressing the vagueness in the existing provisions;
5. Clarity has been imparted in respect of the agencies like Heritage Conservation Committee,Archeological Survey of India, National Monument Authority etc., to be approached in respect ofconstructions in the vicinity of heritage buildings/monuments etc ;
6.. Green construction norms plot size-wise have been clearly stipulated providing clarity;
7. Setting up of Grievances Redressal Committees in Urban Local Bodies for time bound resolution ofdisputes has been made mandatory;
8. Time frames have been stipulated for issuing development control regulations to applicants andprofessionals;
9. Provision of washrooms in public buildings of more than 4,000 size has been made mandatorywith direct access to the public from the main street;
10. Rain water harvesting and waste water recycling has to be provisioned;11. Differently abled persons have to be provided easy access besides meeting their specific needs;
12. Needs of children and senior citizens have to be duly met by providing for easy access, fittings andfixtures in toilets and altering the height of the hand rails in the buildings;
13. Provisions for disaster mitigation, structural and fire safety codes have been specified; and
14. Art elements like paintings, frescos, statues etc., to be provided in public buildings for better aestheticenvironment. Simplification, rationalization and updation of Building Bye Laws notified in 1983 under the DelhiDevelopment Act, 1957 was undertaken after extensive stakeholder consultations. A workshop was held inOctober this year which was attended by over 100 engineers, architects, town planners, urban experts,consumer and builder organisations etc. In response to a public notice, over 1,000 suggestions werereceived. All these have been examined in detail jointly by DUAC, DDA and municipal bodies beforecoming out with user friendly Bye Laws.

Mr Alok Sanjar, Hon’ble Member of Parliament, Bhopal and Mr C P Sharma, Chairman, CII – Bhopal Zonal Council’s interaction with DRM, West Central Railway

MM Correspondent, Bhopal, 04 July 2014
Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Bhopal Zonal Council Chairman Mr. C P Sharma and Hon’ble Member of Parliament from Bhopal Shri Alok Sanjar jointly interacted with Divisional Railway Manager Shri Rajiv Chaudhri today with respect to major issues concerning Industries and general public in Bhopal.

The objective of the interaction is to discuss continuation of Indore Bhopal Double decker service which railways have decided to discontinue from 12th Aug 2014. The train service is beneficial for commuters especially business class travelling between commercial Capital and political capital of Madhya Pradesh and also to people who wish to proceed to other destinations from Bhopal junction.

Proposal to extend the Bhopal - New Delhi Shatabdi Express upto Habibganj station and new EMU service between Vidisha to Itarsi to help people commute to Mandideep and Bhopal for work also submitted to DRM.

C.M. Shri Chouhan Meets P.M. Dr. Manmohan Singh
Seeks Early Disposal of National Highways Related Issues
Laments Inordinate Delays

MM Correspondent, Bhopal, Feb 22 2013
The Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan met the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh at New Delhi and strongly urged him to resolve the issues related to National Highways, which are plaguing Madhya Pradesh for a very long time.

Shri Chouhan sought Rs. 200 crore spent by the State on repairing and maintenance of national highways. He also sought clearance of pending bills worth Rs. 250 crore and demanded Rs. 57 crore for repairing stretches of national highway No. 3 and 7. He handed over to the Prime Minster a detailed letter seeking early disposal of issues.

Shri Chouhan highlighted difficulties being encountered in respect of decision making process of Ministry of Roa d Transport and Highways (MORTH). He said that despite constant followup, the issues pertaining to the National Highways are not getting resolved.

The Prime Minister assured the Chief Minister that he will talk to the concerning Minister for quick disposal.
The Chief Minister said that across the country, the maintenance of National Highways is done through the State National Highway Division of Public Works Department and funds are provided by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. This procedure has not been followed in Madhya Pradesh and the requisite funds for maintenance of National Highways have not been provided to the State. He apprised the Prime Minister of the State’s initiative saying that the State has invested more than Rs. 200 crore from its own resources for maintenance of National Highways. He described it as an unprecedented step taken by any State Government without any recompense from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

Citing media reports indicating that some concessionaires have withdrawn from the projects thereby delaying the implementation indefinitely, Shri Chouhan said that these roads are in extremely poor condition and have no longer remained motorable due to continuous neglect of regular maintenance. He said that it is extremely urgent that these highways are taken up for maintenance immediately as the movement of traffic within the state is getting seriously hampered.

The Chief Minister said that the claims presented to the Ministry for land acquisition, release of viability gap funding, release of funds for utility shifting and for other pre-project activities are pending for a long time without any reason. These claims presently amount to approximately Rs. 250 crore. This undue delay is causing uncertainty in the minds of concessionaires and is delaying the implementation of the projects, he added.

The Chief Minister said that the first category of National Highways entrusted to the State Government for upgradation and redevelopment through MP State Road Development Corporation. These projects are being implemented by the State Agency under PPP mode by virtue of a MOU signed with MORTH. He said that the MOU clearly demarcates the role and responsibility of the MORTH and the State Government. Pointing out slow action on the part of MORTH, Shri Chouhan said that while the State Government is fulfilling its responsibilities in the right earnest, there is a severe lack of response in fulfilling the responsibilities assigned to MORTH.

The Chief Minister said that in the second category of National Highways, projects have been assigned for reconstruction and development to the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) by the Ministry. The prominent amongst them is NH-3 (Agra-Mumbai National Highway), NH-7 and NH-69, which are passing through the state. They form the most important highways links for the state. The projects have been undertaken on the PPP mode but NHAI has failed to get the work started on the ground, he added.

Policy for conveyance of leased Government land
Solar energy parks development policy

MM Correspondent, Bhopal, Feb 22 2013
Madhya Pradesh came up with a policy for conveyance of government land title, mortgaging of land acquired for companies. Another policy for development of solar energy parks was also approved.
If an industry or investor desires to convey the alloted government land for mobilising loan for the industry, then the government will give permission on certain conditions.

The policy says that first liabilities on the land will be charged payable to the State Government and not any bank/financial institution. Following conveyance of land, it will be used only for the purpose for which it was allotted. The State Government will be a necessarily a party in hearing of any dispute or claim for recovery of any amount from the leaseholder in any court/authority/competent officer. Conveyee will not be able to move such a case in court without making the State Government a party. The mortgager will recover his dues first from the moveable assets on the conveyed land. Later, he will recover amount from immoveable assets on concerning land. Land will be the last resort for such a recovery. Land will be valued at market price prevalent at the time of its transfer or value determined following calculation of prevalent rates for irrigated land, whichever is more. The allottee will have to deposit in government treasury 20 percent of the amount of difference between calculated amount and payment of lease rent by the allottee from the date of allotment. The conveyee will be responsible for discharging all environmental liabilities regarding the land.

Mortgaging policy

The cabinet approved a guiding policy for granting permission to companies for mortgaging/transferring private land acquired in the context of promoting industries in the state, for mobilising funds for any of its projects. Permission will be given with certain conditions, which are akin to conveyance conditions.

Solar energy park policy

With the approval of the policy, development of solar energy parks will be taken up either by the State Government or under PPP mode.
Solar energy parks will be established to promote production and manufacturing units and concerning ancillaries. They will be established at suitable places. Small and medium industries will be promoted for manufacture of spare parts and systems of solar energy sector and priority will be given to creation of very essential facilities.
Solar energy parks will be developed at solar energy-based power generating projects and various ancillaries manufacturing solar power implements will be developed as integrated zone. All solar energy-based power generating projects, manufacturing units and ancillaries related to solar photo voltaic/solar thermal and solar energy projects will be eligible to avail benefits under the policy.
Any firm, society, institution, registered company will be eligible to apply for development of solar energy projects. If project is implemented through special purpose vehicles, then the applicant should have capacity of Rs. 5 crore per unit megawatt on minimum turnover. The applicant must also have experience of solar energy projects of 50 percent of the capacity applied for. Office of the Commissioner, New & Renewable Energy Department will be nodal department for development of solar energy parks.

Promotions and postings of IPS officers
MM Correspondent, Bhopal, July 03 2012
The State Government has promoted and given new postings to four Indian Police Service officers. Besides, new postings have been given to two IPS officers.
Inspector General of Police Disaster Management Home Guard Shri Rajendra Kumar Mishra has been promoted as Additional Director General of Police/Principal Advisor State Planning Commission, IG Narcotics Indore Shri U.R. Netam has been promoted as Additional Director General of Police Narcotics Indore, Deputy Inspector General JNPA Sagar Shri K.S. Rathore has been promoted as Inspector General of Police JNPA Sagar and Deputy Inspector General of Police Bhopal Shri K.K. Lohani has been promoted and posted as Inspector General of Plice SAF Bhopal Range.
Principal Advisor State Planning Commission Shri D.M. Mitra has been posted as Officer on Special Duty, Security and Coordination, Madhya Pradesh Bhavan, New Delhi and Additional Director General of Police and Additional Managing Director Madhya Pradesh Audyogik Vikas Nigam Bhopal has been posted as Additional Director General Disaster Management, Home Guard, Bhopal.

Shri Vinod Semwal assumes charge at Raj Bhavan
MM Correspondent, Bhopal, June 18 2012
Shri Vinod Semwal assumed the charge of Principal Secretary to Governor at Raj Bhavan today. Prior to this, 1985 batch IAS officer Shri Vinod Semwal was the Principal Secretary Culture & Parliamentary Affairs. It may be mentioned here that Shri Semwal had also been deputed at such important posts like Commissioner Industries and Commissioner Bhopal division in the past. The State Government has posted Secretary to Governor Shri J.N. Malpani as Commissioner Scheduled Castes and Backward Classes Welfare.

Cabinet Decisions
MM Correspondent, Bhopal, June 17
State Cabinet approved the regularization of 2024 illegal colonies of MP spread throughout MP. Colonies situated in the urban areas prior to January 01,2008 only will be considered.
Shivraj Singh, Chairman also decided to reduced the punishment to a maximum one year imprisonment the fine for raising an illegal colony has been increased from 10,000 to a minimum rupees 10 Lakhs. The maximum fine would be 50 Lakhs.

AG Report

  • MP Govt mismanagement
    Most of the State Govt. departments could not utilise 350 crores - many departments also failed to utilise the central govt. grant.
  • MP Govt and its bureaucracy is not Sincere - Jamuna Devi.
    Where have gone all the financial experts?.
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201- Acre land allotted for the proposed IT-park
In the State Secretriat Meeting, the Chief Minister Babu Lal Gaur decided to allot 210 acre of Land near Raja Bhoj Airport for the construction of the proposed IT park in Bhopal.. Earlier, it was decided that the land at Ayodhya Nagar would be allotted for this purpose, but the land didn't suited the norms of construction. Now the new construction is in front of New Jail at village Badwai, near Raja Bhoj Airport. The MP Electronics Development , Corporation will construct the IT Park. Facilitated by two reasons first: The Rajiv Gandhi Prodyogiki( Vishwavidyalya)and vicinity of the proposed Four Lane Road. The proposed IT park will take its shape near Bhopal Airport.
Among the people who attended the meeting were Information Technology Principal Secretary Swarnamala Rawala, Principle Secretary to Chief Minister O.P Rawat, District Collector Sanjay Shukla & other officers attended the meeting.

A two day convention of AZAADI BACHAO ANDOLAN(ABA) was inaugurated by Dr.Banwarilal Sharma, the national convenor of ABA.The session was heldto oppose the Government's move to facilitate the MNCs to enter the agricultural sector.Dr.Banwarilal Sharma urged the people to save the agricultural sector from being taken over by the MNCs.Commenting on the "SEED LAW" which is now over to the MNCs. He said that once this act comes in force, a situation of Monopoly will exist.Further. the opening of FOOD GRAINS godown & KRISHI MANDI, to the gaint companies like ITC & HLL ,have already opened up the way for 'CONSUMER CULTURE' in the RURAL INDIA.A rally was also organized to revolt against the setting up of MNCs in this sector. During the session were present Dr.Ashish Gupta,Dr.Krishna Swaroop,Dr.Nilesh Desai ,Prof. Nepal Singh Verma , Sunil Bhai.

Merry go round for the employees: 4 % Hike in Dearness allowance
After the central government's move to provide dearness allowances to its employees, the state government will allow 4% D.A. to its employees. This will be second time hike in D.A. during this year. State employees will now get 59% dearness allowance than the earlier one i.e. 55% but still this dearness allowance is 12% less than what the central employees are getting. As a result of this hike, the state exchequer will incur Rs. 169 Carores of expenses every year. The employees will start getting this D.A. from 1st Nov.

CM urges the PM to amend the wildlife & forest life Act
To conserve the forest & wildlife, the state Chief Minister Shri Babu Lal Gaur has pleaded the center to make amendments in the wildlife conservation act 1972 & Forest Conservation Act 1980.Shri Gaur informed the PM about the measures, the state government has taken to improve the wildlife & forests. The CM has urged the center to take suitable steps to amend these acts. Shri Gaur has apprised the PM that committees like Village forest. Forest Protection & Economic Development have been set up to stop poaching & other illegal activities.

Madhya Pradesh: Overwhelmed with FDIs.
Soon the state is going to have huge chunk of FDIs, to help the state come out of the label of "BIMARU STATES". In his visit to U.S.A. the state Chief Minister, Shri Babu Lal Gaur has created the possibilities to attract Rs.10 thousand crore of investment in the state. Shri Babu Lal Gaur has assured the foreign investors that the state would provide all the possible facilities for investments. It is to mention, that to attract more FDIs & to set up manufacturing facilities in the state, an MOU was being signed up between Shri Babu Lal Gaur & NRI Industrialist Lord Swaraj Paul of CAPARO Group in London. CAPARO will invest Rs.80 crore in steel pressing & stamping units. The MP Industrial Development Corporation would facilitate the company. A meeting was arranged by the Chicago Foreign Relations Committee, where Shri Gaur had discussions with the MNCs at Chicago. During the meeting an MOU was signed between the CEO & Chairman of Windsor International Mr. Deepak Vyas & the MPSIDC, according to which Windsor International will provide one million dollar for small & medium industries & free market space for market penetration in the MID-west of USA. The NRIs of the origin of MP have expressed their commitment to invest in the state.

Shri Gaur made a presentation about the strengths of M.P. & it's potentials in areas particularly, Infrastructure & Soya processing.Companies like SVAM International,RAMADA hotels worldwide, Starwood hotels,AIG International have shown their interest in investing in the state.

Capro Group will invest Rs.80 crores in M.P.
In order to set up manufacturing facilities in M.P., the state Chief Minister Shri Babu Lal Gaur has signed up an MOU with NRI industrialist Lord Swraj Paul's CAPARO Group.After that,Shri Babu Lal Gaur left London for Chicago to give further presentation about the state's potentials for Investment & Tourism. Shri Gaur also mentioned that during the journey, the union commerce minister Shri Kamal Nath will also make their presence at Chicago. The MOU for setting up the manufacturing facilities in Pithampur was signed between Shri Angad Paul, Chairman of CAPARO Engineering India Private Limited(CEIPL) & Shri Raghav Chandra Managing Director, Madhya Pradesh State Industrial Develpoment. Shri Gaur said that for the all round development of the state, these steps will help to attract substantial foreign investment. CAPARO has already invested Rs.30 Crore in the Pithampur plant for it's steel division. Other than this it will also invest Rs.24 Crore in Chassis unit, Rs.15 Crore in Iron foundry & forging, another Rs.15 Crore for it's member unit.

CM urges the PM to amend the wildlife & forest life Act
To conserve the forest & wildlife, the state Chief Minister Shri Babu Lal Gaur has pleaded the center to make amendments in the wildlife conservation act 1972 & Forest Conservation Act 1980.Shri Gaur informed the PM about the measures, the state government has taken to improve the wildlife & forests. The CM has urged the center to take suitable steps to amend these acts. Shri Gaur has apprised the PM that committees like Village forest. Forest Protection & Economic Development have been set up to stop poaching & other illegal activities.


Authority chairmen ranked as state-minister
The state government has ranked the BDA chairman Dhruvnarayan Singh & IDA (Indore Development Authority) chairman Madhu Verma as ministers for stare.  

Teachers' services declared much vital
The Home deptt. of the state government has declared that the services of all the employees & officers related to the examinations of the Secondary Education Board are much vital banning on their going on strike. The teachers of the state are also in the effect of the declaration.   

Gaur now to take on  colonizers
After taking stringent steps against encroachments in the city, the Urban Administration & Development Minister  Shri Babulal Gaur has now moved his strides to the colonizers who don't make facilities available even after charging development-charge.
Shri Gaur said that within the purview of BMC & Indore 198 & 462 illegal colonies had been marked respectively & they were under legal proceedings. In Bhopal, an FIR against 135 illegal colonizers has been registered.     

10 IPS officers transferred 

The state government has transferred 10 IPS officers. According to the orders issued DIGs have been appointed in seven police ranges. Shri Sanjeev Kumar Singh has been appointed DIG Bhopal range. 

Other changed positions are mentioned below:

Name   Present position New position
AK Shrivastava DIG PHQ DIG Sagar range
Sanjeev Kumar Singh DIG PHQ DIG Bhopal range
MR Aruna DIG Fire brigade Indore DIG Hoshangabad range
HS Pawar DIG Narcotics Indore  DIG fire brigade Indore
DS Sanger DIG SAF Indore DIG PHQ Bhopal
IS Chauhan DIG Homeguard Bhopal DIG SAF Indore
UC Shedangi DIG CID Bhopal DIG Jabalupr range
MR Asudani DIG PHQ DIG Reeva range
Sanjay Kumar Jha Registrar BU  DIG Ujjain range
PS Falnikar DIG APTC Indore DIG Indore range

Captives to get release & remission in detentioin-term
On the Republic day, the state government ordered the release & remission in the detention-term of the captives in the state-jails. To the orders those sentenced with life-imprisonment before 18 Dec 1975 & have completed 15 years of the term & are not jailed under article 433(A) would be released unconditionally. The captives sentenced with life-imprisonment after 1975 7 have including under-consideration detention finished 14 years of the term would also be freed unconditionally. The women captives who are given life-imprisonment & have completed five years of the detention period on 26 Jan 2004 including under consideration term would be freed through remission in detention-term. Moreover, the prisoners, not sentenced with life-imprisonment, suffering from Cancer, TB, Blindness or other serious diseases & having possibility to die in jail would also be freed unconditionally.

Govt takes hard steps regarding BOT
The MP Government regarding contractors has taken some rigid steps for getting the construction-work of the roads being built up under the Built-Operate-Transfer plan accomplished in time. From now onward, if the contractors fail to get the construction-work done in prescribed time they will have to pay rs 20,000 each day up to the completion of the work. Moreover, the concerned tenderer will have to lose the income from toll-tax until the work is done.

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