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Guruji's LathiCharged.

Global Investors Meet-Right Action for Right Cause



Shiv Harsh Suhalka






👍👍Happy New #FinancialYear 2023-24 .... #RisingIndia #India #MyDreamIndia #MadhyaPradesh #ShivHarshOnWisdom #metromirrordotcom #metromirrorforbetterIndia #metromirroropinion #ForwardIndiaForum

Hopefully the New Financial Year would bring more Prosperity and achieve Great Financial records, All-round Development for all #Business, Entrepreneurship, Start-up and Industrial activities, Great boom in #Tourism, Great recognition for our #Education and #Knowledge Sector, and above all minimization of #Corruption and maximization of #EmploymentThroughEntrepreneurship #GoodGovernance and Transparency at all levels/ all areas....
Above all Great initiatives , Great Financial support , Great opportunities for #Media #Communication #mediaentrepreneurs to make a great Impact and create Great Image worldwide in #digitaljournalism #NewMedia #Publishing #ElectronicMedia #Films #Entertainment Industry....
Your Feedback is Important for us...Pl send your opinion and suggestions at:


#Biggest thing

Biggest thing learned in Life: Passion combined with Positive Thinking, Ability to take Risk & Patience brings desired minimum Result.


#SainikDivas #SainikDivas #15Jan We are #proud of our #Jawans for protecting us Day and Night in the extreme Heat and Shivering Cold. They deserve #Best #ShivHarshOnWisdom#SainikDivas #15Jan We are #proud of our #Jawans for protecting us Day and Night in the extreme Heat and Shivering Cold. They deserve #Best .

#Equality of #Wealth for #Real #PeaceAndProsperity

#Human being are by nature #greedy, they want to collect only. The problem would be solved when everybody would think to distribute extra #wealth, property and even many useless small things. Many people are having 5-6 Houses, Many Cars and many unused clothes / Suits / Wollen but they don't want to distribute among those who are not having them and urgently need them. There should be strong #Law to restrict people to accumulate unlimited wealth, also there should be maximum wealth limit for all. For real #Peace and #Prosperity the #Inequality should be #minimum .


Its Right time to launch #IndianSchoolEducationService to attract Best Talent to join as Govt School Teacher or Administrator at par with IAS to totally change the Govt School Teaching and Administration as School Education is the #RealFoundation to prepare the students at par with the finest Schools of India. Salary of the University / College Professors should always remain less than School Teachers to revolutionize the School Education in India.

#PRCI #PublicRelationsCouncilOfIndia PR

#PRCI #PublicRelationsCouncilOfIndia PR, Media, Communication Professionals/ Educators prestigious International body invites EOI to launch Chapters at #Indore #Bhopal #Gwalior #Jabalpur #Raipur #Ujjain Also #StudentsChapters at the Universities/ Colleges. Pl send details of prospective Members at Email : shsbhopal@gmail. com - ShivHarsh Suhalka, Director(NE), PRCI Whatsapp : 9893096880


#ProudToBeAJournalist #RespectForMedia When the Top Judges, Politicians, Business Tycoons, Managers, and Celebrities conduct Press Conferences to put their views and complaints before Journalists, its really a matter of Pride for Media and Journalists Community.

#Kota 100 Children died

#Kota 100 Children died at Pvt Hospital.
Top priorities for India are-Best Healthcare, Best Education, Best Infrastructure, Best Business Opportunities #NoPoliticsPlease


Bye 2019 #Welcome2020 We pledge to value old friends, Traditions, Festivals and start believing in New Ideas, New Friends, New Technology... Have a Great Year ahead.

#Journalism is a serious Profession.

#Journalism is a serious Profession. In Media companies Mafia, Builders should be banned to invest Money.

#SudhaMurti invited in KBC

#SudhaMurti invited in KBC.
She is really very Humble and Inspiring Lady. She told "Patience is Powerful,Wealth and Employment should be created for the Society "
In my opinion there should be Law to transfer and distribute the accumulated Wealth beyond certain level to the Society's Poorest of the Poor who remain Hungry, without House and deprived of proper Health and Education.


#PressDay #16th November

#PressDay #16Nov.
No Weapon is as powerful as #Media if Journalists fraternity remain Honest and do #ResponsibleJournalism


#GuruNanak Jayanti Ki Shubhkamnaye

#GuruNanak Jayanti Ki Shubhkamnaye
Teachings of Gurunanak, if followed, could really transform a Man or Woman into perfect Human beings without any evils and ready to #LeadTheWorld.



#MahatmaGandhi150 #NobelPrize Mahatma Gandhi was nominated five times for the Nobel Peace Prize but he never won it. At least six Nobel Peace Prize Winners have mentioned him as an inspiration for their principles. Nobel Prize was really very small compared to his personality.


#MahatmaGandhi150 #GandhiJayanti2Oct

Before I write about the inimitable Mahatma Gandhi , I would like to remind those who try to compare themselves with Mahatma Gandhi, as there is not even a single person alive who could be termed as the true Gandhian.
What I could learn about the Great Indian called Mahatma Gandhi is Simplicity, Dedication, and Discipline- these are the three qualities required by all to succeed everywhere in life. Anything could be achieved through true Dedication and Discipline. Positive Attitude without Dedication and Discipline is worthless.
Mahatma Gandhi also practiced Non-violence as the most powerful weapon to conquer the World. He taught to the World that only Peace leads to real Prosperity and it further leads to the overall wellbeing of the Society.
Mahatma Gandhi was the true Winner in all respects. I would pray to God and to the Gandhi Resting in Peace to please send at least one Gandhi to transform the World into Heaven!


Our #TopPriority now should be to find out why #Crimes #Corruption #Blackmailing are rapidly increasing while #SocialValues #Honesty #Humanity are rapidly decreasing and Why, before we spend Crores on any other Research!!...
Welgoverned Honest Society with Values required for #PeaceAndProsperity
#ShivHarshOnWisdom #ForwardIndiaForum

#KaunBanegaCrorepati Today's Contestant Kakuji works as Cook and Cooks MidDay Meal for School Students. She earns 1500/- PerMonth only but looks very satisfied in life and wish to purchase a Mobile Phone! Her simplicity really inspires and it's a slap on those who are always thinking about Money and can do any crime also but never feel satisfied in life. This applies to all- Rich and Poor. Santushth Rahna bhi Bahut badi Kala Hai...
#ShivHarshOnWisdom #ForwardIndiaForum

#PaisaHiBhagwan #MoneyIsGod #MoneyAndSex
#PaisaHiBhagwan #MoneyIsGod #MoneyAndSex#ShortCut Those who always think and strongly believe that only Money and Sex is lmportant in their life, such people are dangerous for Society. There are many legal ways and Business to earn Money without fear but it requires hardwork and continuous efforts. Anything earned easily or illegally could never bring#PeaceAndProsperity in#Lifeand can never build Positive #ImageAndRespect Wish all Men and Women to earn in #Billions through legal activities and be Proud of your Parents, Spouse and friends forever.
#ShivHarshOnWisdom #ForwardIndiaForum

#Unemployment #Now India needs #Trainers ,#Skill Development
#Unemployment #Now India needs #Trainers ,#Skill Development Professionals and #Mentors. We don't need typical Theory Teachers and PhD Professors as they are not competent to transfer #RealTime Skills to the Students and they are burden on the Universities / Colleges.
Please give your valuable feedback.

#Rights and #Responsibilities
#Rights and #Responsibilities Most of the people first focus on their Rights while forgetting their Responsibilities. India needs now more #ResponsibleCitizens #ResponsibleOfficers #ResponsiblePoliticians
#ResponsiblePublicAuthorities #ShivHarshOnWisdom #ForwardIndiaForum

Have a #Responsible #Sunday
#EngineersDay We cannot think a World without Engineers. Best wishes for all Engineers.

#MetroMirrorForSeniorCitizens We request all Airlines to allow all Senior Citizens to fly at Rs. 2000/- from one destination to another within India. Pl mention #WeSupportSeniorCitizensToFly Pl send your opinion at editormetromirror

#TeachersDay #Sept5

I bow my head before all my Teachers and also Students through whom I could learn and develop my Communication, Leadership, Public Relations and Management Skills. From my #School / #College days to today, I have always been a #Teacher and #Student too. I enjoy Teaching and Learning. Had the opportunity to Train students , Entrepreneurs and Professionals to develop their Communication, Soft Skills, General Knowledge, Social Skills, Managerial, Advertising and Branding ,Media, Journalism, and Public Relations. When a candidate appears for Interview, I generally spend my time to guide him/her why and how they could improve their #Skills for better #Employability.
Happy Teachers Day.

#ShivHarshOnWisdom MetroMirrorBrainpowerSkillsCentre

#Sindhu #Badminton #WorldCup

Congratulations Sindhu. You are #ProudOfIndia
#ShivHarshOnWisdom #ForwardIndiaForum

#ArunJaitley #FinanceMinister #India

We have lost one of the brightest Solicitor, Politician and nice person India have ever produced. Rest in Peace #ArunJaitley saheb.
@PMOIndia @fifbhopal #MetroMirrorTributes @METROMIRRORcom1

#BabuLalGaur #CM #MadhyaPradesh

Gaur Saheb had extraordinary Administrative and Human Relations skills. He would be remembered forever by the all Bhopalis. Sadar Naman. Rest in Peace.
#MetroMirrorTributes #ShivHarshOnWisdom #ForwardIndiaForum


Discussed on various vital issues with Sh NK Tripathi ji, exDGP and VC Vindhyachal University. He said its unfortunate to file defamation cases against Journalists and Cartoonists. He said Media is free but Journalists and Editors are not free to publish what they want.There is always pressure from Media owners and influential persons including Politicians and Bureaucrats. He also said that sting operation should be done keeping in mind the Public interest, not for TRP and creating sensations. Mr Tripathi still believes that Print Media is more credible than Electronic. He however said that Digital Media is emerging Powerful with fast increasing Readership and Advertising revenue. He also suggested that all government officials and Public Representatives should be ready to hear the problems of Public on 24x7.He said all citizens can talk, Email or WhatsApp any government officials at anytime, its their duty to serve the Public on priority. Photo:

#ProudOfIndia #PowerfulIndia

No country in the World is as Powerful, Cultured, Vibrant and Homely as #myIndia. Our biggest challenge is to eradicate many Social evils, Corruption , increasing Crimes and insensitivity present in the Society.
Hopefully we would soon overpower with all evils present in the Society.

#MetroMirrorForwardIndiaForum #MetroMirrorFIFWakeUpIndiaInitiative #ShivHarshOnWisdom #SocialRevolution


Can't believe that very Popular ,Intelligent and Humble ExForeignMinister
#SushmaSwaraj is no more with us. Shradhanjali. Rest In Peace.

#370 Congratulations to our PM Sh Modi and Home Minister Sh Shah for the most Courageous decision. This would bring significant Prosperity and Peace for

This would bring significant Prosperity and Peace for
#JandK and enhance image of
#India Worldwide.
#ShivHarshOnWisdom #MetroMirrorForwardIndiaForum


Request our PM Sh Modi to please make it Top priority to turn #India as the World's Most Business Friendly Country before we could think to be a
#EmploymentThroughEntrepreneurship #MetroMirrorForwardIndiaForumWakeUpIndiaInitiative #ShivHarshOnWisdom


Very true. Harassment of Entrepreneurs by Tax authorities or other govt authorities or by employees should be treated as offence. Small and Big entrepreneurs are really doing wonderful role by employing lakhs of people and creating wealth for India. Even an entrepreneur employing two people is playing a great role! Mr Siddarth was great and successful Entrepreneur. He would be remembered forever by the all Indians. Rest in Peace...
#EmploymentThroughEntrepreneurship #EaseOfDoingBusiness


#WakeUpIndia Arre Bhai Flyover Harkoi nahi Bana sakta Hai. Logo Ki Jaan se bhi pyari hai Rishvat?
#Shradhanjali .

#Chinese people

Chinese people look simple and sober while Indians look more clever - the secret of success lies in their dedication skills and honesty.We should emulate their attitude to become the world's most admired country.

#IndianPolitics #PoliticalReforms

Now our Top priority should be to adopt World's Best Political Systems and Procedures to build the Right Image of Indian Politics Worldwide.
#MetroMirrorForwardIndiaForumWakeUpIndiaInitiative Suggestions invited at


#Indore No1 and Bhopal No2 Congratulations, We are Proud of Indore and Bhopal.


A Journalist must find out what's wrong with Government, Public funds, Public Institutions. To investigate and write about everything happening wrong and also to report everything happening Right in the Society is the duty of Journalist. Journalist should never be treated as the Enemy, if we all are interested to know the facts for the wellbeing of the Society as a Whole.


#ShameBhopal Its really shameful to learn the Gangrape of 19 years old student by four Goondas at just 100 Meters away from PoliceStation! Request Police, Administration, Vigilant Citizens,NGO, and Media that Criminals should not turn this Peaceful, Beautiful, Cosmopolitan State Capital into City of Crimes. We are
#MetroMirrorThinkMadhyaPradeshForum #ForwardIndiaForum
How Bhopal could be turned into Peaceful Vibrant city without Crimes and Criminals? Pl send your Suggestions to : Best Suggestions would receive Editor's Trophy and Certificates.

MP Jansampark should initiate for Complete Transparency

Madhya Pradesh government every year sanctions crores of rupees budget for the Public Relations department to build the good image of the government, but the PR department failed to build the right image in the minds of the common people because the PR department itself could not initiate the complete Transparency and the discipline required to convince others. The PR department should initiate to update the all expenses and release orders for advertisements issued to the various media organization and other non-media organizations on their website daily as their commitment for Transparency to the common people.

It is the right and duty of the common people to know and have watch over the Income and Expenses of the various government departments. It is also the duty of the common people to stop the government for doing wrong.

Now, All government departments and public institutions should mention all the expenses and income on their website every month, also the objects of the department, Name, Phone no. and Email of the various officers and their Scope of work should the clearly mentioned as a big measure of Transparency and Empowerment of the common people. This definitely help the government to build their positive image.

Another important Transparency tool is to empower the common people with Photo Id card to send the question to the concerned officer at their official Email Id , and the officer should respond to the query within the specified time.
The complete process should be online. Here it is worth mention that the real development is based on the foundation of Transparency and Discipline.


-Lakhs of devotees paid tributes to the saibaba.
-Prominent personalities of India reached at the Puttapathi to pay their homage including Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, President Pratibha Patil,Sonia Gandhi & Sachin Tendulkar.
-India needs one Satya Saibaba for every town/village to provide the best Medical, Education & Civic amenities to the poorest of the poor

Shivraj Singh Chauhan's clear image favored -- Shiv to "Raj" again in MP.

Now is the time for Shivraj to think about development only, implement election manifesto and wipe-out the corruption from the roots to insure a Third Term.

Shivraj Singh chouhan is again going to be crowned to serve the people of Madhya Pradesh for the next five years. Clear image of the CM and development done in the past five years have played a significant role. Now the challenges before the Shivraj Singh chouhan are more compared to his previous challenges because the janta have given the mandate to develop the state like Gujarat, Maharashtra & Karnataka leading to the prosperity for all sections of the society.

Another point here is that no Minister, government department and officers should be allowed to engage themselves in the corrupt practices. A very professional system should be developed to run the government very smoothly and transparently. Ministers, officers and Babus found guilty of corrupt practices should be penalised and publicly exposed to win the hearts of the people of Madhya Pradesh. With this simple strategy, I hope the Shivraj Singh chouhan will be able to form the government third time also.


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