Bejan Daruwalla
Bejan Daruwalla,the noted Astrologer, while talking to the MetroM, told that "BHOPAAL" will help"BHOPAL" grow faster.Daruwalla will interact with the public at a show organized by Manoranjan Events at the Campion School on 19th &20th of November.

At work you'll be the center of attraction and as a result it will be recognised.
It's a great day to sign up for new contracts. If you have a tendency to put on weight then you need to excercise regularly. There will be financial gains.
A good day to built relationships. Do not ignore the openions of your family. Don't enter into partnerships with unreliable people.
You'll meet people of your interest if you join recreational activities. New business opportunities will arise through interaction with influential.
Plan to spend some time alone with your beloved. Also complete all your pending jobs before you pick up anything new.
Demands of your family will pressurise you. There will be new assignments and proposals for some.
Financial limitations will lend to depression and a feeling of insecurity. Seek experienced people's advice.
You'll make new contracts through friends and relatives. Travel and social events will be worthwhile. Spend time with your family.
Investments will yield profits. Your partner will be in no mood for romance. Take care of your health. Avoid overeating.
Fress business proposals will be enticing Guests will crowd your house for a pleasant and a wonderful evening.
Your beloved will be affectionate and go out of the way to keep you happy.
Socialising with colleeagues will lead to a better rapport at work.