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Letters to the Editor  

Bhopal Gangrape
There is nothing that can reform the bad ! The rapists should be punished by a fast track method without any more torture to the victim .. The victims victory through her courage is a story to be told .. all daughters and women should be instilled with bravery to face the world and her mother is so right .. its the life of the culprits which is spoilt and not her daughter's... Castration and capital punishment for the culprits to set an example to the society is minimum i expect! And though police gets desensitised as they see only crimes and criminals ..the system needs reform with immediate effect.. The Indian Government should bring in changes in law and the system.. this should be a priority more than demonitization and GST .. bring some change to create a society with better humans! With India going to be the youngest country in 2020 with median age as 39 of an Indian ,the least we need is a whole lot of sex addicts, rapists , drug addicts unemployed frustrated criminals who would do anything .. also are not required the so called powered group of individuals who would be lacking any sensitivity and responsibility and yet be sitting in police stations or offices .. the last is the politicians who would be opportunists and corrupt and not answerable to the public! Reform the laws before you reform the people ! The braveheart has won everyones hearts .. She must be supported to become what she aspires to become . Kudos to her !
Manisha Shrivastava
7 November 2017

Very disturbing gruesome gang rape of a girl belonging to police parents reported in Bhopal. Most shocking was the disgusting behavior of police officers. The girl and the family of the victim suffered double shame when they roamed from police station to another police station begging to register their complaint. This was in the main area of the capital of MP which was in festivity mood on that day for Foundation Day ceremonies. Decades of training for sensitizing policemen towards gender issues has gone down the drains . I believe now officers and politicians will do some drama of action since the matter has been highlighted in the media. I hang my head in shame as a former senior police officer
3 November 2017