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Rajkot: Surge in corona cases again, 6 active cases of corona including a doctor

Our Correspondent : 10 March 2023
Rajkot: Corona has raised its head again in Rajkot. 6 people including a doctor have been reported positive cases. There has been a rush in the health system regarding this. An increase in corona cases has been reported after the dust festival.

With the completion of the dust festival in Rajkot, there has been an increase in the number of corona cases in the city. Today, with two more cases of Corona, the total number of active cases has reached 6. Among the 6 patients, four patients received both doses of the vaccine while two patients received neither dose. Currently all patients are home isolated and all have normal symptoms.

According to the health department, 6 patients are currently infected with corona. Among them is a 60-year-old doctor living on University Road. While a woman in Shyamnagar, a 53-year-old woman in Hudko area, a 28-year-old girl on Mangala Road, a 71-year-old man from Bhaktinagar Master Society and an 18-year-old youth on Santakbir Road have tested positive for corona. Four out of six patients have taken two doses of corona vaccine while two patients have not taken the vaccine doses.

Health officer Dr. Jayesh Vankani said in a conversation with TVnine that currently there are 6 active cases which are all home isolates. All patients are monitored by the health department and advised to isolate for seven days. The health department has appealed to people that if a person has common symptoms, they should get tested immediately. Apart from this, it is very necessary to wear a mask.

Rajkot Municipal Corporation is giving vaccine dose in all health centers. However, currently the quantity of Covishield is empty. While about 600 doses of co-vaccine are currently available. However, most people have dosed with Covishield. So currently people are returning from the health center as there is no vaccine.

At present, the cases of Corona are under control, but the infection can spread further. Hence people have to wear masks and if symptoms of common cold cough appear, one has to understand his moral responsibility and wear a mask.

Gondal yard purchase of chickpeas at support price started, Gujkomosol will buy 125 maunds of chickpeas per farmer

Our Correspondent : 10 march 2023
Rajkot: Gondal market yard of Rajkot has started purchase of gram at subsidized price. There is a sense of joy among farmers who start buying through Gujcomasol. 125 maunds of gram per farmer will be purchased by Gujkomasol at support price.

RajkotPurchase of gram at support price has started inFarmers are overjoyed as Gujcomasol begins procurement. 5 farmers were called on the first day. 125 maunds of gram per farmer will be purchased at support price. More will be purchased in the coming days. On the first day, 625 maunds of gram have been collected. So far 8500 farmers have applied online. Farmers got a price of Rs 1066 per maund. Farmers were relieved as they got 20 to 25 rupees more than last year.

On this side, purchase of onion by Nafed has started in Saurasht. Four centers namely Gondal, Rajkot, Porbandar and Mahuva have been allotted in Saurashtra. NAFED will buy only 45 mm onions. He will buy onions from farmers and send them to Delhi. The prices will be different in the four centers and the prices will change daily. NAFED will declare the purchase price from both the highest price and the average price of the last three days.

Gujarat: Police Inspector arrested for raping woman, extorting Rs 50,000 from her

Our Correspondent : 11 Jan. 2013
Ahmedabad: The Crime Branch on Tuesday arrested a Police Inspector in Ahmedabad for allegedly raping a 37-year-old woman and extorting Rs 50,000 from her. An FIR was registered against Inspector FM Qureshi, after the woman lodged a complaint on Monday, and he was arrested by the Crime Branch, police said.
The victim told the police that she had come to Ahmedabad to attend hearing in a case in the Gujarat High Court on November 1, 2012. As she knew no one in the city, she came in contact with Qureshi, posted as a security officer at the HC. Initially, Qureshi behaved in a hospitable manner and arranged papers related to her case apart from managing her stay at a hotel run by his friend, police said.
He also accompanied her to Bhuj, about 300-km from Ahmedabad, while on duty. In Bhuj, he arranged her a lawyer. On way back to the city from Bhuj, Qureshi opened up to her and expressed a desire to marry her after divorcing his wife, police said. Mina Jagtap, the woman's lawyer, told PTI "He said he didn't share a cordial relationship with his wife and wanted to divorce her." The complaint further said between November 1 and December 31, Qureshi took her to hotels on various pretexts and allegedly raped her. He also took Rs 50,000 from her. Qureshi told her that if she didn't marry him, he would kill himself, according to the complaint.
The woman said the police officer had been lying about his marital relationship and he later started blackmailing and threatening her, leading her to file the complaint.