A Better World

We are here to dedicate
We are here to reiterate
We are here to communicate
To make a better - better world (Chrous)

We are here with ideas to share
We are here with voices to air

We are here with concern to care

To make a better - better world (Chrous)

We are here for friendship and fun
We are here the fraternity as one
We are here professionals and none

To make a better - better world (Chrous)

We are here to different race & colours
We are here trusting one another
We are here with another feather
To make a better - better world (Chrous)

We are here to reach new high
We are here to do or die
We are here for PRCI
AND To make a better - better world (Chrous)


Disha Communications (B'lore) Pvt. Ltd.
#16, 'Dishantar', Church Road (Opp. St. Micheal's Church)
Shanthinagar, Bangalore - 560027, Karnataka, India.
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Governing Council

The National Executive of Public Relations Council of India (PRCI) at its very first meeting had decided to nominate the following eleven (11) members of the Ad-hoc Committee who had come together to form PRCI to be the first life members of the Governing Council of PRCI for a period of five (5) years. These eleven members are eligible to offer themselves for re-election to the Governing Council at the end of five years period. The Governing Council will monitor all statutory obligation of the PRCI, its Zones and Chapters.

    1) Mr. M.B. Jayaram, Bangalore - Chairman
    2) Mr. K. Balasubramanian, Mumbai - Vice Chairman
    3) Mr. S.D. Reuben, Bangalore - Secretary
    4) Mr. R. Sudarshan, Bangalore - Treasurer
    5) Mr. G.P. Jayakumar, Chennai - Director
    6) Mr. R. Neelamegham, Hyderabad - Director
    7) Mr. K.K. Mathew, Bangalore - Director
    8) Mr. R. Swaminathan, Coimbatore - Director
    9) Mr. B. Sreenivas Murthy, Bangalore - Director
    10) Mr. C.G. Jayanth, Bangalore - Director
    11) Mr. R.T. Kumar, Bangalore

    - Director








Public Relations Council of India (PRCI)

Memorandum of Association
Rules & Regulations
Zonal & Chapter Constitution

1.0 Name
The name of the organisation shall be the "Public Relations Council of India"

2.0 Registered Office
The registered office of the organisation shall be situated at # 16/1, 'Dishantar', Church Road (Opp. St. Michael's Church), Shanthinagar, Bangalore - 560027, in the State of Karnataka, India.

3.0 What is PRCI
3.1 PRCI has emerged as the foremost platform for Public Relations (PR) professionals for global exchange of ideas in corporate communications, image management, advertising and PR. It will be a forum where creative minds will come together upholding the challenges and values of professionalism in PR. The PRCI will be the first forum to offer accreditation to PR professionals. A separate cell for social actions to look at development and social issues, global connectivity through mambership to International PR bodies and new initiatives in PR education is planned.

3.2 Public Relations Council of India (PRCI) is a professional body of Public Relations (PR), Communication, Advertising, Public Relations academics & other allied services. It is a non - political organisation offering professionals an opportunity to serve their community by encouraging high ethical standards in their professionals career.

4.0 Mission

5.0 Objectives
The objectives of PRCI are to provide a platform for the following

6.0 Structure and Organisation (3 Tier Administration)
Public Relations Council of India is a National Association, in which the local body at State level termed as 'Chapter' is an affiliated member of National Executive. The 'Chapter' is the most important unit of the PRCI movement. these Chapter are supervised by Zonal Executive (ZE) nad controlled by National Executive (NE).

Fig: Structure and Organisation (3 Tier Administration)
6.1 National Executive

6.1.1: The National Association is administered by the 'National Executive comprising the President, Executive Vice-President, Secretary General and Treasurer, four Zonal Chairmen and Chairmen of all chapter, and one National Executive Member (NEM) from each Chapter and members of President's Advisory Council (PAC).
6.1.2: The National Executives does not run the 'chapters' in any way but guides and advises them through Zonal Executive. National Executive directs the chapters and frames rules from time to time for better administration and to maintain the standards of the Council, through the activities of the 'Chapters' are their main priority. However, National Executive specifies certain minimum rules to be observed by the 'Chapters' as well as individual members. National Executive is the supreme body which runs the affairs of the Council and shall be responsible only to the Governing Council of PRCI and seek the guidance from PAC whenever found necessary.

6.2 Zonal Executive

6.2.1: PRCI is divided geographically into four zones, namely North Zone, East Zone, West Zone & South Zone for better administrative control and development of the PR movement. Each Zonal Executive will have direct control over 'Chapters' in their respective areas. The Zonal Executive comprises of the Zonal Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary & Treasurer, past Zonal Chairman and Chairman & Secretaries of the chapters in their respective zone. Two members from each chapter will be nominated to serve on the Zonal Executive. The Zonal Executive will look after the activities of the chapters, guide the chapters and their activities and ensure that all regulations in terms of conduct of elections, paying the affiliation dues in time, identifying the profile of membership, enlarging the membership etc.
6.2.2: The chapters coming under each Zones are detailed below

East Zone (ZEE)
West Zone (ZEW)
West Bengal Maharashtra
Arunachal Pradesh Gujarat
Bihar Goa
Orissa Daman Diu
Jharkhand Madhya Pradesh
Assam Tripura Chhattisgarh
Nagaland Meghalaya  
Manipur Sikkim  

Table - 1

North Zone (ZEN) South Zone (ZES)
Jammu & Kashmir Andhra Pradesh
Uttar Pradesh Karnataka
Rajasthan Kerala
Punjab Tamil Nadu
Haryana Pondicherry
Himachal Pradesh Lakshadweep
Delhi Andaman & Nicobar

Table - 2

6.3 Chapter Executive

The PRCI Chapter will be administered by a Chapter Executive (CE) which will consist of the Chapter Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Joint secretary, Treasurer and Eight Chapter Executive Members (CEM), one National Executive Member (NEM) and two Zonal Executive Members (ZEM) and Past Chapter Chairman. The Chapter Executive will be responsible for all the programmes, membership drive, collection of membership fee, interaction with Zonal Executive and nay other such activity concerning the Chapter and its members.
6.4 For the first two (2) years, to administer the affairs of PRCI National Executive, Zonal Executive and Chapter Executive from the date of its formation, the Governing Council will nominate veteran PR Professionals. After completion of the term (i.e. two years), the administration will be through office bearers who will be elected in the AGM.
6.5 If there are more than one Chapter in a State, Zonal Executive (ZE) can nominate one State co-ordinator (SCZ) to look after the chapter relations and activities. He shall be from any one of the Chapter of that State.

7.0 President's Advisory Council (PAC)
7.1 The role of the PAC shall be advisory in nature and will provide necessary support and advise to the Presudent and the National Executive in the management of the Counil
7.2 The PAC shall consists of a maximum of fifteen (15) members of which at least two (2) may be nominated from among the Government or Non - Government organisations. These members of the PAC will be permanent invitees to all meetings of the National Executive.

8.0 PRCI Membership
8.1 PRCI will have the folloeing professionals as members

8.2 Categories of Membership
There shall be the following five (5) categories of Memberships

  8.2.2: Corporate Member

8.2.4: Associate Member

8.2.5: Honorary Member

8.2.6: Special Invitees

8.3 Cessation of Membership

8.3.1: Individual membership shall cease on the date of retirement from service. Thereafter he / she may continue as associate member.
8.3.2: Failure to honour the PRCI code of conduct.
8.2.3: Disregard of any rules and regulations of the Council.
8.2.4: Non payment of annual subscription.

8.4 Fee Structure
The membership fee for different categories are detailed below

Classification of membership

Membership Fee (Rs.)

Entry Fee
(One time only)
Membership Fee